Pictures of the small CNC Drilling and Milling Machine

CNC Machine minipic The CNC machine in its first form. The Z-axis still has no drive, the holes had to be drilled by hand turning the knob on the Z-axis top.
CNC Machine minipic The CNC machine while drilling the MÁV Class 326 model tender's framesides. The workpiece is fixed by screws to the XY table.
CNC Machine minipic The CNC machine while drilling. There is a particle board below the brass sheet.
CNC machine milling 1 minipic The CNC machine makes flutes into a nickel silver sheet. After drilling the crank holes they will be fluted connecting rods.
The same job from another view. Here you can see the CNC machine's guide rails and the stepper motors.
326 model tender frameside after drilling The frameside of the MÁV Class 326 steamer's tender. The large holes are the openings, they will be cut by piercing saw. The pattern of the small, 0.4mm (0.016") holes, well visible in the zoomed picture, are for the rivets. After cutting out the frameside 0.4mm diameter wires will be glued into these holes and they will be grinded flat.
MÁV Class 342 Model Cylinder Cover Disks minipic These are the cylinder cover disks for the MÁV Class 342 model. The hole pattern was made by the CNC Drill machine. These 0.4mm (0.016") holes will be fillled out by a brass wire of the same diameter that is glued in the hole. It will be cut and grinded to have a length of 0.5-0.7mm (0.02-0.025") above the disks imitating the cover bolts. The disks are cut off the brass sheet by a lathe.
Class 326 model rods minipic This is the uncut sheet that contains the main and connecting rods for the MÁV Class 326 steamer. The flutes and the holes are already finished, and the sheet is scribed for cutting out the outlines.
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