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by János Erö

a train of my models

This is a hobby Website made up for scratch building model railway locomotives, rolling stock and structures, mostly in HO scale.

There are some words about the scratchbuilding itself, the tools and methods I use when making models. The most important part is to show my models, during their building process and in final state.

The website is organized in a menu-tree structure. You can start here, on the menu list below. The models are described with some background concerning their prototypes.

An opinion about scratchbuilding?
The workshop.
The models

You can just browse among the pictures.

To make the navigation around my models built mostly after Hungarian prototypes, you can first study my description about the Short History of the Hungarian Railways.

Any comment to this Website or the models is welcome.

Mail to [Janos dot Ero at cern dot ch] (link removed to reduce spam)

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