All models in 2004 minipic
The models

Here you can access the descriptions of the models. All they contain a short description of the prototype, pictures, drawings and data, and photos about the models in different stages of their building.

Models ready to run, or in progress:

The MÁV Class 327 4-6-0 Steamer

MÁV Class 327 model minipic

The MÁV Class 325 0-6-0 Steamer

MÁV Class 325 model minipic

The MÁV Class 342 2-6-2T Steamer MÁV Class 342 model minipic
The MÁV Class 326 0-6-0 Steamer

Ready made Class 326 steamer model minipic

The MÁV Class V40 "Kandó" 1-D-1 Electric Locomotive

Kando electric loco model minipic

The MÁV Class M41 BB Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive

M41 model minipic

The Hungarian standard boxcars

Hugarian boxcar drawing minipic

The Hungarian open freight cars

Hungarian open freight car drawing minipic

The Hungarian high-cube boxcars

Hugarian long boxcar drawing minipic

The Old freezer cars (NEW)

Old freezer car drawing minipic

A "typical" Hungarian small Station Building

Branchline station model minipic

Kitbashing projects:

The preussian Class T3 0-6-0T steamer model A potosz T3-as midellje minipic
An Austrian origin Hungarian passenger car from the 19th century Old passenger car model minipic
Canadian Pacific Business Car - an old Walthers Kit Canadian Pacific business car model minipic
GMAM Class Beyer Garratt loco of the South African Railway (SAR) - a DJH Kit Beyer Garratt DJH model minipic

Testbenches, built to test model running qualities. Tesztpálya minipic

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