Pictures of MÁV Class IIIe (later Class 326) steamers, nicknamed "Cathy"

This is a manufacturer's photo about the Class IIIe (later Class 326), nicknamed "Cathy" engine. The picture shows a loco from the first production lot: the dome lagging is multisection, cylindric and the sand is filled in boxes on the footplate rather than in another dome. It shows a short smokebox. The cabside window and the fluted rods distinguish this engine from the former Class III steamers.
This is a manufacturer's photo about the second type Class IIIe engine. Flat, slightly conical dome lagging, extra sanddome and long smokebox. Later many old machines were rebuilt similar to this one, but often not all of the features. This resulted in several different locos that were mixtures of the old and new features. Actually, after WW1 there were no two machines of this Class alike.
MÄV Class 326 loco b/w minipic This is a picture about a Class 326 engine from 1972, when these engines were still in service as switchers on smaller stations. The photo was taken at the Óbuda station, north-west part in Budapest/Hungary. This picture shows a rather mixed engine: the dome is like one engine of the second production lot, while the sandbox on the footplate was usual at engines of the first lot. As the number is unvisible on the photo, it is hard to find out the real story behind this loco.
MÁV 326 sorozatú gôzmozdonya minipic The 326,209 engine in the Locomotive Museum in Budapest showing her number before 1911, the number was #2459. This is a rather mixed appearence loco as well. The sandboxes are placed on the footplates that shows an old type engine which was equipped with a long smokebox later. But the steam dome seems to be a rebuilt one as well. This picture was made on August 15th, 2002.
MÁV 326 sorozatú gôzmozdonya minipic The 326,160 in the loco shed of the Istvántelek museum workshop. This engine shows the characeristics of the later built Class 326s. This loco will never be rebuilt, but serves as spare part source for the others. The picture was made on August 15th, 2002.
GySEV #17 steam loco minipicThis is the #17 engine of the GySEV/RÖEE. This engine is a very similar to the MÁV Class 326, just the smokebox is shorter and it has two safety valves on the dome, while the MÁV ones have one safety valve inside the cab, on the top of the firebox. This #17 steamer served during her whole lifetime, from 188x until now for the same railway company, the GySEV/RÖEE. The photo was taken on the locomotive show on 7th July 1993 in Budapest.
GySEV #17 steam loco firebox back minipicThis are the controls of the #17 engine. Compare to my CAD drawing made for the 326 model.
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