Pictures of the MÁV Class 327 engine

Class 327 manufacturer's photo minipic This picture shows a manufacturer's photo about the 327,502. This member of the Class was one of the two experimental locos built as superheated two cylinder compound engines. They were used for trials to find out the difference between superheated compound and twin engines. Although the tests showed the superiority of the compounds in both the power and the coal and water efficiency, due to their higher price and maintenance costs the twin engines were built in numbers. 138 twins and 2 compounds were built between 1912 and 1914.

Class 327 old photo minipic This picture shows a Class 327 in service still before WW1. It shows an early machine, it is equipped with old style security valves, both on the steam dome top. The pre-WW1 Hungarian fast train locos had a nice konical smokebox door. Its pointed shape is different from those Bavarian engines, a good spotting feature.

Class 327 old photo minipic This snapshot was made probably during WW1 or shortly after. It shows a newer engine with two pop valves on the steam dome. But it still wears the "military type numbers" on the cab side below the standard type shield. These were removed in the mid '20s.

Class 327 old photo minipic This nice photo about a later 327 engine was made probably also in the '20s. The engine has the old security valve but is already equipped with turbo-generator. The small conical smoke-deflectors were also removed from the mid '20s. These early machines had old, single-stage Westinghouse airpumps.

Class 327 old photo minipic Another roundhouse picture about a later Class 327 engine. This also shows the conical smoke-deflector on the stack and the turbo-generator. Its Westinghouse airpump is, however, a dual-stage version.

Class 327 old photo minipic This is an unusual Class 327 machine, equipeed with conventional flat smokebox door. Probably an engine that came to Hungary from the Czechoslovakian CSD during WW2.

Class 327 old photo minipic This picture about a Class 327 loco was made in the '20s in Transylvania, that time already Romania. After 1921 the former Hungarian Class 327s became the largest fleet of fast train locos in Romania. 61 pieces of the 140 built were given to Romania, only 25 remained in Hungary.

Class 327 old photo minipic This picture was made by Ludwig Keller on September 7th 1964 in Miskolc about the 327.022. This is the loco I model. Photo shown here with the written permission of the Copyright owner, Mr. Keller.

Survivor Class 327 minipic The only survivor of this Class, the 327,141. This number is misleading, as the Class had only 140 members! This machine is actually the 327,016. It was given to Yugoslavia after 1921, but it remained in Hungary after WW2. The new number was given that time.
She stays at the side of the loco shed in a very poor state. The picture was taken on 8th March 2003.

Survivor Class 327 minipic The loco from the front. It is written on her side "Protected Technology Relict". But her fate is very uncertain. Lacking her cylinder blocks a refurbishment seems to be almost impossible.

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