Pictures of MÁV Class 328 steamer

MÁV Class 328 steamer minipic The only remaining Class 328 engine, the 328,054 on plinth in Szombathely, in front of the football stadium. The picture was taken in 1998. Since then the engine was repainted and put into the Budapest Steam engine Museum.
MÁV Class 328 steamer minipic The 328,054 is in a bad shape, the black paint peels off everywhere. Although the Class 328 was only built with Brotan boiler, the boiler top is straight, not tapered. The leading truck was moved backwards to make it possible to use smaller turntables. The last Class 328s were still in service in the early 1970's, they hauled light fast trains.
MÁV Class 328 steamer rods minipic The rods and valve gear of the 328,054.
MÁV Class 328 steamer's firebox back minipic The typical Brotan firebox backhead of the 328,054. You can observe the steam reservoir on the top. All controls are located there, as the lower parts of the firebox weren't connected to the water-steam area. The engineers did not like the "kitchen" of the 328s, due to the wide firebox, there was only a narrow place there.
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