Pictures of MÁV Class 442 steamer

The MAV Class 442 2-8-2T steam engine was developed as a larger version of the Class 342 locomotive. The Class 342 engines as motive power for commuter trains around Budapest had serious difficulties on the hills od the Gödöllö line. The Class 442 was aimed to this place mainly. It inherited many details from the Class 342, but it had four driving wheelsets instead of only three of its predecessors. The boiler was constructed as Brotan boiler, as all steamer boilers in Hungary during WW1, but it was considerably larger than those of the Class 342. Perhaps the designers learned from the problems of the Class 342, where the shallow boiler's limited steam reservoir capacity made many troubles for its firemen.

The Class 442 was mainly in service on the Budapest - Gödöllö line, with some trains up to Hatvan. This remained so after the mid. '30s, when the nastiest incline was removed by building a deep cut through the highest section. They remained there until the late '50s, the electrification of this line. After this they were put in service around in Hungary, where there was a need for a heavy commuter engine. The only surviving member of this Class, the 442,013 is put on plinth on the station of Hatvan.

MAV Class 442 steam locomotive old minipic The original builder's photo from 1919. Note the stack shape that was rather different than those on the later pictures.
MAV Class 442 steam locomotive minipic The 442,013 in Hatvan. This station was the terminus of its main application area.
MAV Class 442 steam locomotive minipic The drive of the 442. It is very similar to those of the Class 342, just extended to four driving wheelset. The piston valve cylinder endcups are different however.
MAV Class 442 steam locomotive minipic Another picture about the valvegear. There is a cutput in the tank above the reverse link. This is missing on the Class 342, probably was introduced as without this cutout the maintenance should have been rather difficult.
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